Artist and designer based in UK.

I came from a family of musicians, poets and craftspeople. I have a background in music and design.

I studied music for many years and graduated, but wasn’t attracted to life as a professional musician.

I worked in interior design and retail display, and I owned a successful floral business.

Able to draw freely from these influences, I now work in my studio as both an artist and artisan in the great tradition of past masters.

Working in the moment, as inspiration comes, I’m free to paint, model or design. This makes each piece unique and meaningful. So for me, the vision dictates the process, which in turn gives life to the object.

My painting style varies between surrealism and naivety, but always holds a narrative and often an arcane meaning.

I enjoy using mixed media and the interplay between charcoal and oils, monochromatism and colour.

Irina Roziti